Are you ready to make an IMPACT?

The IMPACT Centre can help you make:
  •     an impact on your teams and leaders via our empowering capability programs.
  •     an impact on your students via our targeted online learning projects.
  •     an impact on your school community who rely on your innovation.



Latest News and Events 

Register Now for 2017
Registrations for our ever-expanding range of student projects are now open. Join our:
o     Booster Series – Upper 2 Bands strategy for Writing or Numeracy (with a Reading option also available to primary schools).
o  UNIFY Series – extension/enrichment strategy for mid-to-high performing students – STEM options, Critical Thinking, Creative Writing (with an extensive Critical Thinking Gateway option available to secondary schools).
o   Transform Series – READiscover project for Junior Secondary students reading 2-3 years behind cohort age.

UNIFY Festival - Live Experts for You
We are proud to announce the launch of the IMPACT Centre’s inaugural UNIFY Festival. Experts from around the globe will provide valuable insights into future pathway, career and lifestyle options. As an example, Karen Jacobsen,  Voice of Siri and thousands of GPS devices around the world, will join us live from New York to share her amazing entrepreneurial story.
UNIFY Festival - Big Day Out at UQ 
 The UNIFY Festival provides your project students with the opportunity to experience Queensland University’s prestigious St Lucia Campus.
Our partnership with UQ has enabled us to offer student workshops with university faculty members. Read more. . .

IMPACT Centre - Case Studies 
MacGregor State School has been part of the IMPACT Centre’s Projects since 2012. Mike Ennis, MacGregor State School Principal, said, “I am delighted with the extension learning opportunities provided to our high performing students by the IMPACT Centre.  Our students are challenged, engaged and well-supported by their teachers and parents.” Read more. . .

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