About Us

IMPACT stands for Inspire, Model, Practice, Apply, Connect and Transform.

​​Schools partner with the IMPACT Centre to inspire minds, create opportunities and improve outcomes. Our specialist team work directly with your school community to: 

  • improve student engagement, mindset and achievement;
  • develop thinking and technology skills that students transfer to classroom learning and assessments;
  • build teacher and leader capability  via premium professional learning initiatives and capability squads;
  • collaborate with our vast network of school, university and industry partners.
Our Achievements
  • On track for 8500 students from over 250 schools in 2017
  • 58 000 student participants since 2011
  • Measurable improvement in student results and attitudes
  • Positive measurable change in teacher and school leader capability
  • Specialist teacher hubs in mainstream schools
  • Evidence-based framework for technology-enabled learning
  • University of Queensland’s largest community partner
The IMPACT Centre is based in Brisbane, Australia. We are part of The School of the Future, Brisbane School of Distance Education. We deliver our programs to state primary and secondary schools in Queensland, Australia.

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Principal IMPACT Learning Framework testimionial
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13 October 2017