Voice of Siri - Live from New York City

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Karen Jacobsen ( http://www.thegpsgirl.com/ ) ( http://www.thegpsgirl.com/ ) ( http://www.thegpsgirl.com/ ) (pictured right) is the voice of Siri in Australia.
Her speaking voice is in over 400 million devices world-wide and she has been voted the most downloadable voice in the world!
We are excited to announce that Karen will join us live from the Big Apple, New York, to share her inspiring entrepreneurial story.
Born and raised in Mackay, Queensland, Karen has forged a successful international career as a speaker, voice-over artist, concert performer and anthem singer.
Session Details
Date: Friday 13th of May
11.00am - 11.30am

Password: impact (small case)

Link: Click here on the day


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Last updated
09 May 2016