UNIFY - Code Breaker - STEM

Code Breaker navigates students through online structured coding and computational problem solving activities. It aims to engage students to think and problem solve while acquiring an understanding of how technologies can work for them. The course is designed to guide students through levels of computational, mathematical, design, systems and futures thinking.  Code Breaker exposes, engages and challenges students to embrace innovation in a digital age.

Schools can use this project as a STEM enrichment opportunity for mid-to-high achieving students from Year 4 through to Year 6, with selection criteria largely subjective.
  • Schools are encouraged to use teacher judgement to assist with selection of students.
  • Students can come from Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 or form a multi-age group.
  • Our teachers differentiate the content and activities according to student abilities and group dynamics.
  • Round 2 – May to Aug 2017 – Years 4-5-6
  • Round 3 – Aug to Dec 2017 – Years 4-5-6
Computer coding is a set of instructions that tells your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device to solve a problem or carry out a task. Code Breaker provides an introduction into computer programming using Block Code and progresses to the basics of Python, including an understanding of computer programming syntax. The course also includes relevant biographies of key entrepreneurs in the IT industry including; Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Alan Turing and more, along with providing an introduction into key aspect of IT including; operating systems, networks,  binary code, bytes, memory and pixels. Code Breaker also involves hands on activities for the students putting their new knowledge of coding into context and practical testing using a Makey-Makey product.
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25 August 2016