“Building the capability of our teams and leaders will be critical to achieving the best possible education and training outcomes for our students, and to growing our world-class system into one that will serve the needs of learners well into the future” (Message from the Director-General, Dr Jim Watterston, 27th January, 2016).

The IMPACT Centre has a significant track record helping school leaders build capability.

Our 2017 programs include the IMPACT Capability Squads and IMPACT Teams.

The IMPACT Capability Squads help you engage your class teachers in the student program and provide them with access to some digital resources.

The IMPACT Teams are a networked community of educators across Queensland. These educators are ready to collaborate and lead the teaching and learning in their school and beyond.


Mr Mark Blackshaw, Executive Principal Helensvale State High School (June 2016), discussing the IMPACT Learning Framework.

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