Aspiring Thinkers

The IMPACT Aspiring Thinkers provides participating teachers and leaders with the opportunity to:

  • connect with like-minded educators from the IMPACT Centre and participating schools, as well as university and industry experts
  • learn more about critical thinking, metacognition, argumentation, inductive and deductive reasoning, fallacies and spin
  • build their technology skills and understanding of contemporary pedagogy via participation in the team's online sessions and activities
  • discover how the IMPACT Centre produces highly engaging and relevant critical thinking programs that align to the Australian Curriculum and involve collaboration with school, university and industry partners
  • put their increased knowledge and skills to use by embedding critical thinking skills into a unit of work (including assessment tasks) that suits their school and subject context
  • continue to collaborate with the Critical Friends group, sharing ideas, units and digital resources for mutual benefit.

The IMPACT Aspiring Thinkers is led by the IMPACT Centre and delivered in collaboration with Sentis and the University of Queensland's School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry. Collaboration amongst the group is key with regular web conferences, face-to-face workshops and digital resource sharing keeping the group connected.

"The IMPACT Centre's critical thinking program has had a profound impact on student academic performance and aspiration to progress to university study. Critical thinking comprises the core cognitive competency of which literacy and numeracy are species, as attested by recent student performance data from the United Kingdom's 'P4C' (Philosophy for Children) programs. The IMPACT Centre has developed a new pedagogical approach that takes training in critical thinking for school students to a new level of rigour.

Students learn to explicitly articulate complex concepts associated with deductive and inductive forms of reasoning at a surprisingly young age and to transfer those skills to tasks across the curriculum."

Assoc. Professor Deb Brown School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry University of Queensland

How it works

Stage 1: Term 1 2017

Log in and learn alongside your students in the role of Web Conference Supervisor during Round 1, 2017.

Log in to a series of five web conferences during Term 1.

Stage 2: Terms 2-3 2017

Workshops to learn from University of Queensland and the IMPACT Centre. Embed effective thinking into your everyday teaching. Design an effective thinking unit. Total Commitment = 5 days

  • UQ Workshops
  • Sentis Workshops
  • IMPACT Centre Workshops
  • Access to IMPACT Modules

Stage 3: Term 4 2017

Deliver one or more high quality units that incorporate effective thinking skills.

  • Team web conference every 3 - 4 weeks
  • Regular correspondence and sharing between team members.
  • End-of-year event to share and celebrate success.


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18 August 2017