IMPACT Learning Framework

The IMPACT Learning Framework provides a dynamic, over-arching approach to teaching and learning. It provides a common language, synthesises existing frameworks and simplifies the complex field of cognitive neuroscience.


These elements can be used on demand with any learner of any age. They do not provide a linear progression of steps. TRANSFORM is the end goal, where a confident and capable learner asks further questions, creates products and designs solutions. They adopt a mindset and set of behaviours that lead to continual and never-ending improvement.

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Common Language
IMPACT makes learning partnerships across the school community a reality. All members of the school community can use and understand the six elements of IMPACT.

Students and parents discuss learning needs in an accessible and meaningful way. Teachers use professional judgement and student data to determine the element or set of elements that are most suitable at a point in time. School leaders use the elements as they work with teachers and the wider school community to review and improve programs and practices. 

Existing Frameworks
The IMPACT Learning Framework’s elements align to best practice teaching and learning models from around the world.  IMPACT is supported by a synthesis of research (‘Taxonomy of Thinking’ Bloom 1956, ‘Scaffolded Instruction’ Bruner 1976, ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ Vygotsky 1978, ‘Art and Science of Teaching’ Marzano 2007, ‘Visible Learning’ Hattie 2008 and more).

IMPACT is succinct yet comprehensive. It values explicit teaching and consolidation of knowledge and skills. It also values inquiry learning and higher order thinking. A variety of strategies is employed over time and a differentiated approach is essential. If we truly believe in personalised learning, then differentiation helps us to meet the needs of all learners.

Embedding the ever-emerging field of cognitive neuroscience into the pedagogical practices of teachers and school leaders can only enhance teaching and learning. A deeper understanding of the brain and how it learns is a huge asset to educators.

IMPACT helps teachers and school leaders understand how the brain learns. Neuroscience validates much of what educators know is pedagogical best practice so IMPACT is very appealing to teachers and school leaders. It helps them understand why their successful practices work. It provides them with new and inspiring brain-based strategies that expand their repertoire and boost performance and wellbeing.

Growth Mindset
Underpinning IMPACT is the belief that student wellbeing is crucial for productive and purposeful learning to occur. As well as knowledge construction and skill development, IMPACT’s goal is to develop learners with a growth mindset (Dweck) – the attitude and effort to be successful.

IMPACT is an evolving framework and does not start or end at a particular point in time. It can be adjusted as further research is conducted and validated. IMPACT has a growth-mindset of its own.
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Last updated
13 October 2017