The IMPACT STEM Team is a networked community of STEM educators across Queensland. These educators are ready to collaborate and lead the teaching and learning of STEM in their school and beyond.
The IMPACT STEM Team provides participating teachers and leaders with the opportunity to:
•    connect with like-minded STEM educators from the IMPACT Centre and participating schools, as well as university and industry experts;
•    learn more about the STEM disciplines and how innovations that emerge from these fields underpin the global economy;
•    build their technology skills and understanding of contemporary pedagogy via participation in the team’s online sessions and activities;
•    discover how the IMPACT Centre produces highly engaging and relevant STEM programs that align to the Australian Curriculum and involve collaboration with school, university and industry partners;
•    put their increased knowledge and skills to use by designing and delivering high quality STEM programs that suit your school context;
•    continue to collaborate with the IMPACT STEM Team by sharing ideas, programs and digital resources for mutual benefit. 
NB: Participants will receive PD certificates that align to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL) and recognise the number of hours involved.

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Last updated
19 September 2016