Participation Costs

See the below for an outline of the 2018 participation costs.
Primary Participation Costs: Secondary Participation Costs:


Return on Investment
‘The IMPACT Centre’s expert staff and professional networks provide our students and staff with access to opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise experience. The cost of involvement is very reasonable given the return on the investment. Every year we plan to extend the number of students and staff involved.’
Karen Tanks - Exec. Principal Mansfield SHS - Metro Region 

‘At a school level, it would be very costly and time-consuming to create such high quality programs that incorporate expert input and research-based excursions. Given the outcomes and experiences on offer for staff and students, this is very good value for money.’
Mike Ennis - Principal MacGregor SS - Metro Region



‘I visited the IMPACT Centre during my time as a reviewer for DET’s School Improvement Unit. I came away very impressed and made sure our school joined up.  This has been a very worthwhile investment for our school.’
Jenny Maier – Principal Kepnock SHS – North Coast Region


‘Schools in regional centres like Mackay can really benefit from this. The online nature of the IMPACT Centre’s programs means that our teachers and students can access high quality learning in a regular, meaningful way.  It is a valuable opportunity.'
Laurie Shepherd - Principal Victoria Park SS – Central Qld Region



‘We’ve found a brilliant partner in the IMPACT Centre. Our students have built literacy, numeracy and peer learning skills. The option to include one or more students in a program is a fantastic opportunity for small schools.'
Louella Lodewyk - Principal Julia Creek SS - North Qld Region
'We invest a small fraction of FTE to access the IMPACT Centre’s programs. This option works really well for us. We have been involved for a number of years and continue to be very satisfied with the outcomes.’
Mark Farwell – Principal Craigslea SHS – Metro Region

'IMPACT Centre programs have been very successful for our school.  We invested a small fraction of FTE in 2016 and involved two groups per round. We are very satisfied with the outcomes and are really looking forward to next year.'

Libby Jordan - Principal Eagleby SS - South East Region

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11 October 2017