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Understand the Logistics
• Each round extends across 12 school weeks.
• Schools select students according to the selection criteria – see individual project outlines for details.
• A group is made up of 12-14 students – with students coming from the same school.
• Schools can enrol one or more groups in a round.
• The cost of a group is fixed - there is no reduction in cost if you do not fill the group.
• Students take part in web conferences and eLearn activities.
• A group of 12-14 students logs in to a weekly web conference lesson with an IMPACT Centre online teacher.
• The lesson occurs once per week for 60-70 minutes in a negotiated, regular timeslot.
• Schools nominate 2-3 possible lesson times for each group and we can generally accommodate one of these. 
• Each student works at their own computer with internet access – you may need to book a suitable venue.
• Students must wear a headset with microphone. You must purchase this equipment if it is not already available.

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15 September 2016