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Advance your 21st century skills

The IMPACT Centre helps school communities advance their 21st century skills.

Students, principals, leaders and teachers transfer these vital skills to classroom teaching, learning and general life, ensuring their efforts create a lasting IMPACT.

Our remote learning model means that your location is no barrier. Proven student programs and premium professional networks are available to you and your school community.

An expert teaching team

Our specialist online teachers log in to schools across Queensland and the world to address one of the most vexing education issues – teacher supply and capacity.

People sitting in front of a laptopAugment your on-site staff with our online staff. Some of your team walk through the gate, while others beam in on demand.

  • Our online team works directly with your students and teaches transferable 21st century skills, including critical thinking, STEM, literacy and numeracy.
  • We collaborate with your on-site staff to share best practice and build capability.
  • It's the future of teacher supply available to you now.

Productive partnerships

Your school can partner with the IMPACT Centre and connect to our vast network of school, university and industry partners.

  • More than 200 schools across Queensland are partnering with the IMPACT Centre in 2021.
  • Schools worldwide are calling on our expertise in 21st century skills and remote learning.
  • We are the University of Queensland's largest community partner through online and on-campus experiences for students and educators.

We have established local industry and research partnerships with the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project, Griffith University School of Education and Professional Studies, Sentis Education and the InQueensland news service. We also collaborate with Professor Peter Greste, a well-known foreign correspondent and the UNESCO Chair of Journalism and Communication.

We have developed international partnerships with UCLA, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, and other interested parties in Singapore, Belgium and Germany.

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A growing evidence base

From 2011 to 2014, our team collaborated with Queensland education regions to deliver literacy and numeracy projects to approximately 30,000 students across Queensland. Over 150 online teachers based in regional hubs delivered these projects, resulting in more students reaching and maintaining Upper 2 Band NAPLAN results—the top results possible.

Similar reading, writing and numeracy projects, which have continued under the stewardship of the IMPACT Centre since 2015, have continued to see an increase in relative gains and a lifting of Upper 2 Band NAPLAN results.

In addition, the IMPACT Centre's critical thinking program has been delivered to more than 10,000 primary and secondary school students. Critical thinking capabilities have markedly improved and transferred to lift achievement in general learning areas, including significant increases in student literacy and numeracy results.

Action research projects within schools are demonstrating increased student engagement and achievement, and positive changes to teacher and leader capability.

We receive regular anecdotal reports from schools about improved A–E achievement, student attendance and teacher capability. Qualitative data also demonstrates improved student confidence and teacher job satisfaction.

Our IMPACT Learning Framework has been assessed as 'a dynamic, valid and transferable instrument that contributes to effective online teaching and learning internationally' by Griffith University School of Education and Professional Studies researchers.

Thousands of Queensland teachers used the framework to improve online learning experiences for students during COVID-19 restrictions and it is now the subject of further research and international interest.


The IMPACT Centre was awarded the Peter Doherty STEM Education Partnership Award in 2018.

Business model

The centre is a part of the Department of Education. We operate on a user-pays, cost-recovery model and schools pay for the service.


When compared with national and international online learning initiatives for school-aged students, this is one of the most innovative, well-conceptualised initiatives in the world.

School of Education and Professional Studies, 2016

The IMPACT Centre has developed a pedagogical approach that takes training in critical thinking for school students to a new level of rigour.
Students learn to explicitly articulate complex concepts associated with deductive and inductive forms of reasoning at a surprisingly young age and to transfer those skills across the curriculum.

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, 2017

Last updated 22 December 2020