About Us

​​​​​​ Schools partner with the IMPACT Centre to inspire minds, create opportunities and improve outcomes.

Our specialist teams work directly with your students, staff and school community to: 

  • improve engagement, mindset and achievement
  • develop thinking and technology skills that students transfer to classroom learning and assessments
  • build teacher and leader capability  via premium professional learning networks and squads
  • collaborate with our vast network of school, university and industry partners.

Our Achievements

  • 6,500 students already enrolled for 2018 (target 10,000)
  • 58,000 student participants from 2011-2017
  • Measurable improvement in student results and attitudes
  • Positive measurable change in teacher and school leader capability
  • Specialist teacher hubs in mainstream schools
  • Evidence-based framework for technology-enabled learning
  • University of Queensland’s largest community partner
  • Research partnership with Griffith University

265 schools across all seven education regions participated in an IMPACT initiative during 2017
2017 Participation
Region School Partners
Total 265

Map legend:
Pink = participating school or campus
Purple = more than one participating school in town (e.g. Mt.Isa)
Note:  Approximately 100 participating schools in South-East Qld are not shown.



When compared with national and international online learning initiatives for school-aged students, this is one of the most innovative, well-conceptualised initiatives in the world.

School of Education and Professional Studies, 2016

The IMPACT Centre has developed a pedagogical approach that takes training in critical thinking for school students to a new level of rigour.
Students learn to explicitly articulate complex concepts associated with deductive and inductive forms of reasoning at a surprisingly young age and to transfer those skills across the curriculum.

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, 2017

Last updated 08 December 2017