About Us

​ ​​​​​​ ​Schools partner with the IMPACT Centre to increase their impact on student and staff outcomes.

Your school community can directly access our inspiring, specialist teachers and professional network leaders.

Our team become part of your team. Using digital technology and powerful pedagogy, we work directly with your students, staff and school community to:

  • improve engagement, mindset and achievement
  • develop thinking and technology skills that students transfer to classroom learning and assessments
  • build teacher and leader capability via premium professional networks
  • connect our ​vast network of school, university and industry partners.

Our achievements

  • Approximately 64,500 students have participated in an IMPACT Centre program since 2011.
  • 6500 students from 209 schools have participated in 2018, with more to come.
  • Our programs have delivered measurable improvement in student results and attitudes – including increased relative gains in NAPLAN reading, writing and numeracy.
  • Our professional networks have delivered positive measurable change in teacher and school leader capability.
  • Over 350 specialist teachers have delivered online programs from metropolitan and regional hub locations to students across Queensland.
  • Our evidence-based IMPACT framework has been assessed by Griffith University as a dynamic, valid and transferable instrument that contributes to effective online teaching and learning internationally.
  • Productive partnerships with the University of Queensland’s Critical Thinking Project (we are UQ’s largest community partner), Griffith University School of Education and Professional Studies and Sentis Education.
  • We are gaining international recognition in the United States (UCLA) and India (UNESCO, Australian High Commission) through collaborations with our university partners.
​​ 265 schools across all seven education regions participated in an IMPACT initiative during 2017
2018 Participation
Region School Partners
Total 209

Map legend:
Pink = participating school or campus
Purple = more than one participating school in town (e.g. Cairns, Townsville, Mackay​)
Note:  Approximately 100 participating schools in South-East Qld are not shown on this map.


When compared with national and international online learning initiatives for school-aged students, this is one of the most innovative, well-conceptualised initiatives in the world.

School of Education and Professional Studies, 2016

The IMPACT Centre has developed a pedagogical approach that takes training in critical thinking for school students to a new level of rigour.
Students learn to explicitly articulate complex concepts associated with deductive and inductive forms of reasoning at a surprisingly young age and to transfer those skills across the curriculum.

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, 2017

Last updated 28 June 2018