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The IMPACT Centre helps school principals, leaders and teachers to create a lasting IMPACT.

Proven student programs and premium professional networks are available to you and your school community.

Student programs

Our student programs empower you to prioritise vital 21st century skills.

  • These skills transfer to classroom learning and the real world.
  • They provide your students with a significant advantage now and into the future.
  • Literacy, numeracy, STEM and critical thinking options are available.
  • We assess student progress and provide you with a report.

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Professional networks

Our professional networks help you to build staff capability and cohesion.

  • Improve pedagogical practices, enhance curriculum delivery and develop expert teaching teams through our networks.
  • STEM, critical thinking and digital pedagogy options are available.
  • We support you to measure and prove success.

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Create a lasting IMPACT

Partner with the IMPACT Centre

The IMPACT Centre is an important partner for an increasing number of schools across Queensland and the world.

  • Approximately 5,000 students and 800 educators from over 320 Queensland schools will participate in an IMPACT Centre student program or professional network during 2019.
  • Schools and organisations from international locations are collaborating with the IMPACT Centre to provide transformative opportunities to their school communities.
  • We are the University of Queensland’s largest community partner – through online and on-campus experiences for students and educators.
  • We were awarded the prestigious Peter Doherty STEM Education Partnership Award by the Director General of the Department of Education, Tony Cook in August 2018.

Note: Your school can connect to our vast network of school, university and industry partners.

Success for students and staff

Schools are achieving significant success through their involvement in IMPACT Centre programs and networks.

  • The Department of Education’s Strategy and Performance Branch and Griffith University researchers have verified measurable improvement in student results and attitudes.
  • This includes improved student achievement in NAPLAN reading, writing and numeracy standardised testing. Increased relative gains have led to students reaching or maintaining their positon in the Upper 2 Bands.
  • Action research projects within schools are demonstrating increased student engagement and achievement, and positive changes to teacher and leader capability.

Accessible model

  • Our online delivery model ensures that your school community can access our programs and networks regardless of location.
  • Our highly trained team consists of specialist teachers and network leaders who work directly with your students and staff though our web conferencing platform and 24/7 learning environment.

Note: We also offer face-to-face workshops, education tours and experiential learning opportunities.


When compared with national and international online learning initiatives for school-aged students, this is one of the most innovative, well-conceptualised initiatives in the world.

School of Education and Professional Studies, 2016

The IMPACT Centre has developed a pedagogical approach that takes training in critical thinking for school students to a new level of rigour.
Students learn to explicitly articulate complex concepts associated with deductive and inductive forms of reasoning at a surprisingly young age and to transfer those skills across the curriculum.

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, 2017

Last updated 13 September 2019