Aspiring STEM Specialists


Lead STEM specialisation

Aspiring STEM Specialists provides the expert guidance, collaborative network and professional learning pathway required to lead STEM curriculum, capability and specialisation in your school or cluster.

Membership upskills teachers and school leaders in how to​:

  • enhance or reinvigorate your school's strategic plan for STEM
  • design and deliver Australian Curriculum aligned STEM programs to students in your school or across your cluster
  • implement the IMPACT framework, a contemporary, ​evidence-based pedagogy that complements traditional approaches and builds on these to inspire innovation, inquiry and collaboration.
Date Location
Term 1, Week 5
  • 28/02/19 – 01/03/19 

University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane 

Term 1, Week 7
  • 14/03/19 – 15/03/19 


Term 2, Week 5
  • 23/05/19 – 24/05/19 

University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane 

Additional 2019 dates for regional centres and Brisbane coming soon.

Join our powerful network

Aspiring STEM Specialists expands the quality and scale of engagement between Queensland teachers, school leaders, the IMPACT Centre and our university and industry partners.

Build leadership capability

Aspiring STEM Specialists builds leadership capability in line with Department of Education's school improvement model. Mentoring services will follow the initial two-day workshop to ensure that participants engage in inquiry and apply the standards of evidence. Ongoing collaboration will ensure that teachers translate what they have learned into effective classroom practices.

Improve teacher capability

'The IMPACT STEM Team was an extremely well organised and thorough research project. Through this project, the IMPACT Centre improved the teacher capability of primary school teachers and school leaders in teaching STEM. Significant changes to teacher capability were measured.'

State Schools Performance Manager STEM, 2016

Meet 21st century needs

Success in a changing world requires students to have the skills to participate in a knowledge-based economy. That's why we are focusing on engaging young Queenslanders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Advancing Education: Schools of the future

Selection criteria

Band 9-11 schools/clusters must involve a minimum of two aspiring teachers and/or leaders who have the mindset to lead change, the interpersonal skills to engage your staff and the dedication to actively participate in the network.

Band 5-8 schools or clusters can select one or more staff members with the attributes described above.

Membership fee

Your initial membership fee, valid for 12 months following the foundational two-day workshop, is $950 per person. Membership includes access to the foundational two-day workshop, one full-day masterclass per term and expert online workshops and collaboration with like-minded colleagues.

NB: Your school will be invoiced by the IMPACT Centre after the foundational two-day workshop. You may need to fund Teacher Relief Scheme​ to attend the workshop and future masterclasses. You may also need to fund travel and accommodation expenses if your school is located outside of Brisbane.

Last updated 07 December 2018