Aspiring Thinkers

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Lead teaching for thinking

Aspiring Thinkers provides school leaders and teachers with the expert guidance, collaborative network and professional learning pathway required to lead teaching for thinking at your school.

Develop expertise in teaching for thinking

  • Develop cognitive skills via a shift in focus from knowledge to inquiry.
  • Align Critical and Creative Thinking across P-10 subjects and with 21st century skills in re-developed senior syllabuses.
  • Think and plan in the language of student cognition, facilitate metacognition and provide a language of feedback on thinking. 

Intentionally collaborate

  • Network membership begins via a foundational two-day workshop. 
  • Connect with like-minded network members and plan for implementation.
  • Further develop your expertise through intentional collaboration with network members. 
  • Participate in the online community and masterclass/workshop activities.
Date Location
Term 2, Week 2
  • 02/05/2019 – 03/05/2019 

Brisbane – University of Queensland, St Lucia

Term 2, Week 6
  • 27/05/2019 – 28/05/2019 

Logan – Fitzy's Function Centre, Loganholme

Term 2, Week 6
  • 30/05/2019 – 31/05/2019
​Townsville – Rydges Hotel
Term 3, Week 2
  • 25/07/2019 – 26/07/2019 
​Brisbane – University of Queensland, St Lucia

Note: Registrations close approximately two weeks prior to the workshop (or earlier if sold out). Check registration link for updates on availability. Additional dates to be advised. 

Ongoing value

  • Membership costs $950 per person and is valid for 12 months following the foundational two-day workshop.
  • Members opt-in to an extensive range of online and face-to-face activities.
  • Activities include an online induction, one full-day masterclass per term, online professional learning teams and expert or member-presented online workshops.
  • Members actively share practice and resources.

Join our powerful network

Aspiring Thinkers expands the quality and scale of engagement between Queensland teachers, school leaders, the University of Queensland and the IMPACT Centre. 

  • You and your team can collaborate with over 400 members from over 100 Queensland schools.
  • Expand your network internationally, with educators from Southern California and British Columbia joining the network in February, 2019. 

Build capability

Aspiring Thinkers builds capability in line with the Department of Education’s School Improvement Model. Mentoring services will follow the initial two-day workshop to ensure that participants engage in inquiry and apply the Standards of Evidence.  Ongoing collaboration will ensure that teachers translate what they have learned into effective classroom practices.

Meet 21st century needs

  • Critical thinking is fundamental to the idea of a 'knowledge economy' — the measure of a society’s capacity to anticipate problems and devise solutions.
  • Students trained in critical thinking demonstrate advanced analysing, problem solving and questioning techniques, and are better equipped to embrace change as an opportunity rather than a threat.
  • Critical thinking is a highly transferable skill, applicable in any domain of work or research, and thus the ultimate '21st century skill.' Read about Teaching how to think.

Selection criteria

  • Medium – large schools must involve a minimum of two leaders and/or teachers who have the mindset to lead change, the interpersonal skills to engage your staff and the dedication to actively participate in the network.
  • Small schools can select one of more staff members from their school or cluster with the attributes described above.

Membership fee

  • The following information applies to Queensland schools only – contact us if you are not from a Queensland school.
  • Your initial membership fee is $950 per person.
  • It is valid for 12 months following the foundational two-day workshop. 
  • This is exceptional value given the regular online and face-to-face activities on offer across the year. 
  • Your school will be invoiced by the IMPACT Centre after the foundational two-day workshop. 
  • You may need to fund TRS to attend the workshop and future masterclasses, although online alternative is offered where possible. 
  • You may also need to fund travel and accommodation expenses depending on your location.
Last updated 07 May 2019