U2B Booster Squads


U2B Booster Squads (formerly Capabiity Squads) engage your class teachers and wider staff with your students’ involvement in the U2B Booster programs.

Why join?

  • Discover the skills and strategies that your students are learning via our U2B Booster programs.
  • Plan how you can support the transfer of these skills and strategies to general classroom learning.
  • Access digital learning resources created or located by our team that can be used with any student.
  • Collaborate with our specialist teachers and other participating educators across the state.

Who can join?

U2B Booster Squad registration and membership is free as follows:

  • U2B Reading Squad – free and exclusive access during the rounds that your students participate in Mind Reader or Comprehend IT.
  • U2B Writing Squad – free and exclusive access during the rounds that your students participate in Just Write.
  • U2B Numeracy Squad – free and exclusive access during the rounds that your students participate in Solve IT, See IT or Measure IT.

Please note: Squad members can include class teachers of participating students and other relevant staff such as a HOC, HOD, coach, master teacher, STLaN, librarian, teacher-aide, principal, etc.

How does it work?

  • You will be invited to join after your students register for a U2B Booster project.
  • You will be enrolled in an eLearn course and then access web conferences and activities through this platform.
  • We will provide 4 x 30 minute web conference sessions on a fortnightly basis during the project round – the schedule will be developed each round.
  • You can access squad resources and web conference recordings on-demand via eLearn.
  • You can communicate and collaborate with your IMPACT Centre Squad Leader and other squad members as required.

Please note: Live participation in web conferences is highly recommended but staff can access recordings and resources if they cannot attend the live session.


Capability Squads are a great way to improve our teachers’ knowledge of how to teach reading. It gives us a deeper understanding of the content of the student program.

Reading Squad - 2017

The online squads have been a flexible way of delivering PD in our school. Teachers have been able to do it in the comfort of their own classroom or office. It has been good for teachers to use the technology and not only learn about the content of the writing course but feel more confident learning online.

Writing Squad - 2017

There is a lot of opportunity to discuss different ways that teachers are teaching a particular subject. We took new resources and new ideas away from the Numeracy Squad and think it has been quite useful.

Numeracy Squad - 2017

Last updated 18 March 2019