Collective IMPACT Network


Develop yours​elf, develop your team

Join the Collective IMPACT Network to develop or enhance your whole school approach to pedagogy.

  • The network emphasises your collective impact on student and staff success.
  • It is founded on the research-based IMPACT Pedagogical Model​.
  • It helps you increase engagement, improve differentiation and build your expert teaching team.

Develop a shared understanding and language about pedagogy

Use data to inform a review of pedagogy

Determine pedagogies most effective in relation to the principles

Employ pedagogies to meet diverse learning needs of students

Monitor and measure the evidence of impact for continuous improvement

The Collective IMPACT Network supports your school to develop and sustain a whole school ​approach to pedagogy in line with the Department of Education process shown below.​


We support your success​​​

The Collective IMPACT Network is delivered as a school-commu​nity partnership between your school, the Department of Education’s IMPACT Centre and Sentis Education.

  • We support your progress through the whole school approach to pedagogy process.
  • All workshops and modules are supported by comprehensive workbooks and resources.
  • All participants are automatically members of the innovative P.L.CREW—a 21st century Professional Learning Community with access to a range of courses, collaborative groups, webinars and resources.
  • We also connect you with me​mbers who are engaging in similar improvement projects and refer you to relevant Department of Education units and support centres who can provide further assistance.​

How it works

All workshops and collaborations are delivered online.

Log in as a group at your school so that you can engage in conversation with your team and the whole group. Or you can log in individually or in a smaller group at school or from home.

​​Step 1: Orientation Webinar

Register to attend a Collective IMPACT Orientation Webinar.

  • This Orientation Webinar begins your involvement in the Collective IMPACT Network.
  • You can also log in to find out more and consider becoming involved.
  • There is no cost to attend the orientation.

​Step 2: Workshop days – 1 per term

Log in with your team to learn and collaborate.

We are very experienced at interactive and engaging online delivery. We can ensure that you and your team have an enjoyable and beneficial day.

  • Day 1: Tuesday 24 May—8.50am–3.00pm
  • Day 2: Wednesday 20 July—8.50am–3.00pm
  • Day 3: Wednesday 12 October—8.50am–3.00​pm

We are very experienced at interactive and engaging online delivery. We can ensure that you and your team have an enjoyable and beneficial day.

View page 4 of the brochure (PDF, 2.6MB) for full details.

​​Step 3: Leader Track and Teacher Track

Leader Tracks and Teacher Tracks support your learning between the professional learning days.

You can access your track via a mix of short webinars and quality on-demand content in P.L.CREW.

View page 4 of the brochure (PDF, 2.6MB)​ for full details.

​​Membership fees

The membership fee is $950 per person—including participation in all structured professional learning days and access to the Leader Track and Teacher Track.

​To get started, register to attend an Orientation Webinar, or express interest and we will be in touch.​

Last updated 11 May 2022