Digital IMPACT Network


Develop yourself, develop your team

Join​ the Digital IMPACT Network to advance digital learning at your school.

Access expert guidance, like-minded colleagues and a differentiated professional learning pathway, and focus on one or more of the following school improvement domains:

  • Systematic curriculum delivery – integrate digital learning technologies and ICT capabilities into curriculum activities and develop formalised digital tasks across the full range of Australian Curriculum learning areas.
  • Effective pedagogical practices – inspire and support teachers to collaboratively design and deliver more effective and engaging digital learning activities, and improve digital modes of delivery.
  • Expert teaching team – build capability and expertise by sharing best practice within your school team and collaborating across the Digital IMPACT Network.
  • Differentiated teaching and learning – use a repertoire of teaching practices that address the diverse learning needs of all students and empower students to take ownership of their learning.

School Improvement Hierarchy: Where we are

Inquiry Cycle: How we learn

Standards of Evidence: What impact we have


We sup​port your success

​The Digital IMPACT Network is facilitated by the Department of Education’s IMPACT Centre and Sentis Education.

  • We guide you through a differentiated professional learning pathway that suits your school or individual context.
  • We support you through the Department of Education (DoE) inquiry cycle process.
  • We connect you with like-minded members and the relevant Department of Education units who can provide further assistance.

Target audience

Principals, leaders and teachers from schools, education centres and alternative education settings are welcome to join the Digital IMPACT Network.

  • Medium-large schools are advised to involve at least 2 members initially, with a view to growing membership across your school. We recommend that you develop or enhance a Digital Leadership Team involving representatives from senior management, middle management and your teaching staff.
  • Small schools often register 1 staff member.

How it works

  1. Login to a 30-minute online induction – approximately 1 week before the foundational workshop.
  2. Attend a 2-day foundational workshop.
    • active participation in digital learning experientials, which serve as exemplar learning experiences
    • discovery and analysis of the pedagogy, curriculum and differentiation practices that underpin these learning experiences, and reflection on the strengths and opportunities of your existing practices
    • structured collaboration and the opportunity to share experiences and practices with workshop participants
    • guidance on how to develop or enhance an expert teaching team
    • engagement with DoE school improvement processes, including the Scan and Assess, Prioritise and Develop and Plan phases of the inquiry cycle
    • design of your differentiated professional learning pathway.
  3. Progress your inquiry plan or improvement project as you move to the Act and Monitor or Review phases of the inquiry cycle.
  4. Engage with the network to:
    • share the plan or project with your Digital IMPACT Network leader who can act as a critical friend
    • participate in differentiated professional learning activities, e.g. Digital IMPACT workshops, masterclasses and member collaborations that support your improvement focus
    • intentionally collaborate with like-minded members and relevant Department of Education units.

Foundational workshop


28–29 July 2022 (Thursday and Friday)
Term 3, Week 3 | 9.00am–3.30pm​

​IMPACT Centre, Coorparoo (map)

Register by 22​​ July

​27–28 October (Thursday and Friday)
Term 4, Week 4 | 9.00am–3.30pm

IMPACT Centre, Coorparoo (map)​

Register by 21 Oc​tober​

​​Regional and rural areascontact us to coordinate a workshop (minimum of 20 participants required).​

We are proceeding with face-to-face workshops based on the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 restrictions roadmap (PDF, 281​KB). Workshops will be delivered online if lockdowns occur.​

Membership fees

  • ​​​​The foundational membership fee is $950 per person—including participation in the foundational 2-day workshop and access to all network masterclasses, collaborations and resources for ​12 months.
  • Membership can be renewed annually for $300 per person.

Note: The costs above apply to Queensland state government schools. Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS) and travel costs may be necessary to attend in-person workshops.

Last updated 11 May 2022