Frequently asked questions

​​​​Student programs

Is my school eligible to enrol in IMPACT student programs?

For additional organisational documents including information on; setting up, getting started, technology advice, headsets, supervisor’s role, lesson one instructions and more, go to the school support page.

Professional Learning​

Is my school eligible to enrol in IMPACT professional networks?​

Capability Squads - membership is free with school enrolment into a student U2B Booster program.

Aspiring Thinkers, Aspiring STEM Specialists and IMPACT Innovators all have a membership fee for 2018.

The IMPACT Framework​ can be accessed at IMPACT events occurring regularly around Australia or you can request to enrol your school.

Contact us by phone on (07) 3727 2888 or email​ for further information.

Last updated 08 December 2017