How it works


Remote learning model

Our remote learning model means that your location is no barrier.

Our specialist online teachers log in to schools across Queensland and the world. They work directly with your students, teach transferable 21st century skills and collaborate with your on-site staff to share best practice and build capability.

Your students and staff log in to a live web conference and work directly with our online teachers.

Projects or subjects

Most of our student programs run as 12-week projects.

We also offer digital technologies (PDF, 1MB) and design and technologies (PDF, 1MB) subjects that run for a full semester.

1 x 60-70 minute lesson per week for 12 weeks

  • 3 x 12-week project rounds run across the 2020 school year.
  • Students participate in 1 x 60–70 minute web conference per week for 12 weeks.
  • Critical thinking, STEM, literacy and numeracy projects are available. Visit the student programs page for more details.

2021 schedule

Round 1: February 1 – May 7 (​Term 1 Week 2 – Term 3 Week 3)

Round 2: May 17 – August 20 (​Term 2 Week 5 – Term 3 Week 6)

Round 3: August 23 – November 26 (Term 3 Week 7 – Term 4 Week 8)

We negotiate the timetable with you

  • We ask you to nominate 2–3 preferences for session times for each group. We can generally accommodate one of your preferences.
  • We then allocate one of our specialist teachers to work with your students each week.
  • Our specialist teacher logs in to work directly with your students and staff.

Up to 15 students form an online group

  • Up to 15 students log in together each week as an online group.
  • Your school can register 1 or more groups to participate in a program.
  • Schools with sufficient bandwidth often run 2 groups at the same time i.e. 2 x 15 students = a whole class of 28–30 students. We provide 2 x online teachers in this case.
  • Band 5–8 primary schools can enrol individual students or part/half groups—in this case, we coordinate groups with students from multiple schools.

Equipment required

  • Each student must work at their own computer (PC or laptop) with reliable internet access.
  • Each student must wear a headset with a microphone to successfully participate. You must purchase this equipment if it is not already available (approx. $40–$60 per unit).

Supervision/coordination required—including PD opportunity

  • We highly recommend that you provide a web conference supervisor.
  • Your web conference supervisor should log in alongside your students, collaborate with our specialist teachers and transfer their increasing knowledge and skills to their teaching and leadership practices.
  • Your school also needs to appoint a project coordinator to nominate preferred session times, lead student selection and submit your student registration details.

24/7 activities for reinforcement and extension

  • Students, parents, web conference supervisors and other enrolled staff can access additional learning activities and resources via our learning management system.
  • Involvement in these additional activities is not compulsory but is highly recommended as they help your students reinforce and extend their learning. These activities are completed at school, at home or elsewhere.

Last updated 28 September 2020