Investment options and costs


It's time to create an expert teaching team for the 21st century!

Our specialist online teachers log in to schools across Queensland and the world to address one of the most vexing issues in education – teacher supply and capacity.

Augment your on-site staff with our online staff. Some of your team walk through the gate, while others beam in to work directly with your students and collaborate with your on-site staff.

John, Katie and Andrew are examples of the specialist online teachers available to your school

Cost-recovery model

  • The IMPACT Centre operates on a user-pays, cost-recovery model.
  • Your investment pays for staff salaries and operational costs.
  • Department of Education leaders asked us to create this school-funded model so that each school can match its improvement agenda to our initiatives and invest accordingly.

Investment methods—cash or FTE (Queensland schools)

  • Your school can invest cash budgets, the most popular being Investing for Success (I4S), Advancing STEM in primary schools or other internal budget allocations. We invoice your school during the program.
  • Alternatively, school leaders can invest a small fraction of their school's full-time equivalent (FTE) staffing allocation. Simply transfer the FTE to the IMPACT Centre via School Budgeting Solution (SBS) after Day 8 in 2021.
  • You can also offer parents or community organisations the opportunity to pay for or subsidise the programs. This may depend on your school context.

What are the costs?

  • $300 per student per round or $4,500 per group of 15 students per round.
  • pay during the relevant round in 2021—approximately 1 March, 1 June or 1 September.

Number of groups

Number of students

FTE fraction

Cash $4,500 per group

1 group in any round
15 places
By negotiation. e.g. 0.1 FTE = 3 groups = 45 places for the year
2 groups in 1–2 rounds
30 places
By negotiation. e.g. 0.1 FTE = 3 groups = 45 places for the year
3 groups in 1–2 rounds
45 places
By negotiation. e.g. 0.1 FTE = 3 groups = 45 places for the year
0.5 group in any round*
7–8 places
$300 per person
By negotiation. e.g. 0.1 FTE = 3 groups = 45 places for the year
Individual students*
School choice
$300 per person
By negotiation. e.g. 0.1 FTE = 3 groups = 45 places for the year

*Band 5-8 primary schools only i.e. School Level 1-2-3.

Key points

  • The pricing above applies to Queensland state government schools.
  • The costs outlined below apply to all projects in the critical thinking, STEM, literacy and numeracy series.
  • These projects run for 12 weeks and involve 1 x 60-70 minute web conference lesson per week, plus 'anytime' access to online reinforcement/extension activities.

Additional costs may apply

  • Each participating student must use a headset with microphone ($40–$60 per headset). You will need to buy this equipment if it is not currently available.
  • Our science and technologies programs have an extra fee of $35 per person for electronic kits or excursion fees. See individual STEM programs for details.

Technologies subjects—different costs apply

We also offer digital technologies or design and technologies subject courses that run for a full semester.

Different costs apply because they run for a longer time period ($495 per student per semester).

See individual subject pages for details:

Last updated 21 December 2020