Comprehend IT Years 2-3

U2B Booster Years 2-3

Course Information

Capable readers do not always reach the Upper 2 Bands in NAPLAN Reading. In many cases, these students need to develop their higher-order comprehension skills and ability to identify the purpose and main idea of a text.

Comprehend It students become text detectives, actively engaging in texts to gain meaning. Students learn a range of simple, but highly effective, cognitive tools that can be applied when they are required to interpret, analyse and evaluate a range of challenging literary texts.


Target Group

Students should be tracking towards the Upper 2-3 Bands in Reading, operating at or above a reading age of 8.0 years, be able to log in and use a computer, and be ready to actively participate.



Lesson Overview


1Introduction to Comprehend IT and web conferencing skills
2Introduction to eLearn and Pre-Test: Literal, inferential and applied
3Use QAR and Q-Matrix: Ask and answer questions to understand text
4Activate prior knowledge, make connections/predictions, confirm/revise
5Clarify the meanings of unknown words or phrases, build vocabulary
6Detect the most important ideas, ignore the irrelevant, locate main idea
7Find clues in the text, go beyond the literal meaning
8Create pictures, use our senses to create images for understanding
9Create own ideas, integrate the words and ideas with personal thoughts
10Use a range of  strategies to comprehend a variety of texts
11Post-Test: Literal, inferential and applied questioning
12​Evaluate, extend, reflect and celebrate

Assessment and Reporting


A pre-test identifies each student's starting point and provides diagnostic data, and a post-test measures distance travelled.

Both tests require students to read a text and then answer a series of multiple-choice questions (literal, inferential, applied).

Schools are provided with pre- and post-test results, attendance data, survey feedback and qualitative report card comments.
Last updated 22 June 2018
Last updated 22 June 2018