Shape Up Years 5-6

UNIFY Series Years 5-6

Course Information

Shape Up extends students' ability to apply mathematics, numeracy and technology skills to real-world contexts.  

Students further develop their mathematics and numeracy skills, with a focus on the number, shape and measurement strands. They employ design thinking processes in response to mathematical-based design challenges and create a digital design portfolio.

Target Group

Selection criteria are subjective - teacher judgement and student interest in the topic should assist selection.

Some schools use this project as an opportunity to extend mid-to-high achieving students and to build staff capability.




Lesson Overview

1Introduction to Shape Up, web conferencing skills and estate plan
2Pre-test, See-Plan-Do-Check approach, self-designed house plan.
3Inquiry and design focus – perimeter of the fenced yard.
4Inquiry/design focus – area of whole house, whole block and yard space.
5Inquiry/design focus – volume of indoor 'prism shaped' objects.
6Consolidation of perimeter, area and volume. Feedback on portfolios.
7Inquiry/design focus – frames (borders) for 4 pieces of indoor artwork.
8Inquiry/design focus – surface areas of 3D outdoor items.
9Inquiry/design focus – volume of outdoor 'composite prism shaped' objects
10Consolidation of perimeter, area and volume. Feedback on portfolios.
11Post-test, complete portfolios.
12Share portfolios, reflect on project, efforts and achievements, celebrate.

Assessment and Reporting


Assessment consists of a pre-test to provide diagnostic data and identify starting points, a post-test to measure distance travelled, and design tasks collected in a digital portfolio.

Schools are provided with a report containing pre- and post-test results, attendance data and survey feedback as well as qualitative report card comments for inclusion as an OLA.

Last updated 22 June 2018
Last updated 22 June 2018