Solve IT Years 8-9

U2B Booster Years 8-9

Course Information

Capable mathematics students do not always maintain an Upper 2-3 Band result in NAPLAN Numeracy throughout Years 7-9. In many cases, these students are skilled in performing calculations and applying rules, but are not proficient problem-solvers.

Solve IT provides capable mathematics students with a process for solving problems as well as a bank of problem-solving strategies to use on demand. Students also develop literacy skills that are needed to interpret questions correctly.

Target Group

Students should have achieved Band 7 or 8 in Year 7 NAPLAN Numeracy, 2016 or 2017 (or internal school data indicates that the student is likely to reach the Upper 2 Bands with targeted support).




Lesson Overview

1Introduction to Solve IT and web conferencing skills
2Pre-Test and introduction to See/Plan/Do/Check approach
3Strategies to compare or estimate fractions, percentages, decimals, integers
4Strategies to compare or estimate fractions, percentages, decimals, integers
5Multiplication/division operations – proportional reasoning, rates, ratio, scale
6Consolidate routine and non-routine, single-step and multi-step problems.
7Strategies to identify and order the problem solving steps - number
8Strategies to identify and order the problem solving steps – geometric reasoning
9Apply strategies to find and continue the rule
10Reinforcement and re-exposure to consolidate and extend prior learning
11Post-Test and eLearn activities 
12Evaluate, extend, reflect and celebrate

Assessment and Reporting


A pre-test provides diagnostic data and identifies each student's starting point, and a post-test measures distance travelled.

Both tests include NAPLAN-style numeracy problems.

Schools are provided with a report containing pre- and post-test results, attendance data and survey feedback as well as qualitative report card comments for inclusion as an OLA.

Last updated 22 June 2018
Last updated 22 June 2018