Web Coder Years 7-8

UNIFY Series Years 7-8

Course Information

Web Coder develops students' coding skills with a focus on the technology of the internet. The course builds on the Year 7-8 Code Breaker program. It is recommended that Web Coder students complete Code Breaker Year 7-8 as a prerequisite, however this is not compulsory.

Students are immersed in problem-solving challenges and learn how to code with HTML 5, CSS and electronics kits.

Web Coder involves an additional charge of $30 per student for a programmable electronics kit posted to your school.

Target Group

Selection criteria are subjective - teacher judgement and student interest in the topic should assist selection.

Some schools use this project as an opportunity to extend mid-to-high achieving students and to build staff capability.

It is recommended (not compulsory) that students have completed Code Breaker Year 7-8 as a prerequisite.



Lesson Overview

1Introduction to Web Coder, design thinking, avatar.
2Pre-test, network systems, differences in code.
3Computer Science Graphing (CS), introduction to HTML code.
4Typoglycemia (The Typo), problem-solving with HTML code.
5Programming in HTML, HTML 5 check-in.
6Human Interface Design (HID), introduction to CSS code.
7Encryption (Cipher), problem-solving with CSS code.
8Programming in CSS, CSS Code check-in.
9Introduction to electronics and kit.
10Programming in electronics, conductivity with electronics.
11Programming your electronics kit, electronics check-in.
12Futures Thinking, the real world of code.

Assessment and Reporting

Assessment Reporting

Assessment consists of a pre-test to provide diagnostic data and identify starting points, a post-test to measure distance travelled, and programming tasks collected in a digital portfolio.

Schools are provided with a report containing pre- and post-test results, attendance data and survey feedback as well as qualitative report card comments for inclusion as an OLA.

Last updated 08 December 2017
Last updated 08 December 2017