Write On Years 7-9

UNIFY Series Years 7-9

Course Information

Write On unleashes the creative potential of young writers. They are immersed in techniques of literary expression including plot and character development, description, dialogue, voice, style and point of view.

The mystery sub-genre provides focus and inspiration for the students as they craft their own mystery and carefully consider the needs of their audience. Importantly, students also offer and receive meaningful, informed feedback.

Target Group

Selection criteria are subjective - teacher judgement and student interest in the topic should assist selection.

Some schools use this project as an opportunity to extend mid-to-high achieving students and to build staff capability.




Lesson Overview

1Introduction to Write On and web conferencing tools.
2Pre-assessment, planning a story on demand, opening paragraphs.
3Introduction to eLearn, investigating mysteries for teens.
4Introduction to mystery elements, mystery vocabulary, refine plans.
5Selecting and expanding setting, describing the crime scene, dialogue.
6Motivation and growth of characters.
7Building tension, red herrings and distractions.
8How the truth will be revealed.
9How to use 'show – don't tell' to develop suspense.
10Refine and extend plans, review of course material.
11Post-assessment, planning a story on demand, final paragraphs.
12Reflecting on stories, collaborative activities, celebration.

Assessment and Reporting


A pre-assessment provides diagnostic data and identifies starting points, and a post-assessment measures distance travelled.

Schools are provided with a report containing pre- and post-test results, attendance data and survey feedback as well as qualitative report card comments for inclusion as an OLA.

Last updated 22 June 2018
Last updated 22 June 2018